For the next parent workshop, why not tweet it out?

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Many schools run parent workshops to communicate its curriculum and ways to support the school’s learning program at home. There are many topics for such workshops.  Some examples are home reading program, digital citizenship, and understanding adolescent behaviors. What these workshops have in common is that learning is happening for the parents. 

Twitter tweets are short to compose and quick to send. So tweets are a wonderful way to capture in real time school interaction with parents. At the beginning of the workshop, you should share with parents that Twitter tweets would be broadcast throughout the workshop session. During certain times in the workshop, you can invite parents to share their learnings or their thought bubbles (what are they thinking). Having parents help compose the tweet is a great way to synthesis the main ideas from the workshop. A photo or a short video accompanying the tweet will further enhance this messaging. Also, include the school's hashtag with each Tweet so you can share your story afterwards. Tweets can further be dispersed to Facebook, Instagram, and other school social media.

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

I was inspired by Chad Walsh, school leader at Vientiane International School in Laos. He is an innovative educator with the mindset for revolutionising education. And he has wonderfully crafted ways to narrate this to his community. You can follow him on Twitter @chadjohnwalsh


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Marlon Ng - I love the exponential impact of this idea. The sharing on twitter can generate more interest, more sharing and ultimately greater collaboration. This is fantastic!
Would love to engage with you more on twitter. Hopefully we can increase buy-in and participation around your idea on that platform. Feel free to follow me @yungtiffanie https://twitter.com/yungtiffanie

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