Parent-Teacher Homework Graded by Students!

shift the structure of homework so that different stakeholders are assigning it, doing it, and grading it whenever it makes sense to do so.

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If the focus of homework can be seen as engagement in thinking and skill building in the broadest sense, then homework could be a tool to build understanding and alliances.

Once a month or so, homework might look like one of the following:

Sample Homework for Parents & Students to Do Together
- a math lesson about folding t-shirts that also helps students clean their rooms
- walk around your neighborhood and notice with the goal of honing skill of observation
- cook dinner together and think about the source of each ingredient

Sample Homework for Teachers & Students to Do Together at School (graded by parents)
- write a story together word by word or sentence by sentence (like one word storytelling)
- parents assign design thinking challenges for students & teachers to work on together

Sample Homework for Teachers & Parents to Do Together (graded by students)
- create maps of individual intersectionality in identity, then triangulate them
- do variations of Kyle Schwartz's I Wish My Teacher Knew 

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I like this. I wonder if it might make sense to expand from students and parents to a larger group (since if parents work, it might be a grandparent, aunt, neighbor, or older sibling who takes care of a student).