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Parents and teachers in the district have the opportunity to connect through participation in live twitter chats

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If you've ever participated in a Twitter chat, it can be an exciting way to connect with others around the world with a similar personal or professional interest. Why not bring the same idea to our schools? Districts can host live chats with their staff members and parents (possibly older students, too) on different topics that can bridge the gap between home and school. Parents and staff can take turns moderating.

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I keep going back to the notion that most parents want to engage with the school - it has just become difficult for many parents because of our hectic schedules. This article talks about increasing parent engagement in a way that minimizes barriers, facilitates parent input and uses technology to communicate in real time. The district-wide Twitter chat might be one approach to help! https://learningfirst.org/blog/schools-should-use-technology-engage-parents


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