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Change how we share feedback by creating time/space/place for teachers to provide direct, meaningful feedback for students/parents.

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Shifting from gradebooks to meaningful feedback vehicles that can be understood easily and accessed by parents and students. But teachers need time and space to learn how to do this and support (aka time) to do it well. 

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

As a parent I see the grade but I read and understand the narrative comments and conferences so much better. Students learn more from that kind of feedback that they do from a letter or number. But we are all conditioned to focus on the letter/number - we need to break the cycle.


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Good questions Jessica!

Just adding on here. If it helps, here are the kinds of questions schools should ask before challenging the notion of report cards and grades: From this article:

1. What meaning do we want our grades to convey? and Who is (are) the primary intended audience(s) for this message?

2. What is the purpose? for teachers? for parents? for students? Is it a shared purpose?

3. How can we report behavior? What is the school's stance on academic honors and awards?

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