How does an Inside Opinion Lend Itself to the Problem?

The unique perspective of a student whose parent is an educator at his school.

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As the son of an educator at a private school, I have overheard far too many angry parent phone calls to my dad. To be fair, not all of these are parents talking about teachers, but a fair share of them could have been stopped earlier if there was a greater volume of communication and trust between families and teachers. To me, the solution to this is having parents be more informed about their child on a base level so they can have knowledge of and understand problems that might arise before they actually do. There are most likely many ways to achieve this outcome, and mine may not be the best, but I think one way to foster communication and trust would be to share all assessments along with comments from teachers with not only students but also with parents. A way to take this a tad further is to allow parents to respond directly to teachers on a platform that was conducive to conversation. 


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