Getting Everyone on the Same Page at a K-8 school

Create a parent-faculty book club (3 meetings/books per year). Offer refreshments and make it a comfortable, inviting, and fun experience. P

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A theme should be set for the year, such as k-12 education in different cultures, technology in our western lives, civil discourse, childhood, or inclusivity in school cultures.

The first book should be a chosen by the faculty.

The second one should be chosen by the parents.

The third should be chosen by a student committee.

The most important part is the sharing of ideas at each meeting. Rules of discourse should be created at the beginning of the year by the group in attendance at the first meeting. I would expect a more bonded community to evolve, with increased respect, trust, and understanding for in both groups.

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

In my experience, those who share learning experiences develop a healthy bond. Creating a sense of the school community as a family of learners who work together to better educate "our" children will have us all on the same page as we address challenges together.


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I love this idea, Laura! Shared learning experiences are so important, and become less and less common with so much possibility for asynchronous digital interaction. So curious as to what book or theme you might choose first, based on your community. I don't even know where I'd start!

The other cool thing about this is that the empathy building is baked in. The discussion protocol would allow for equal and varied contributions, and we would all learn so much about not only each other but about how the others in the group approach life and relationships. We could uncover the meaning of 'success' for students through the perspective of each attendee, and then co-create that reality through the discussions and inevitable off shoot collaborations!

I wonder if anyone is doing something similar to this - creating community spaces for processing and idea sharing around a topic for a school community. The community that reads together does awesome things together? ;)

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I might chose "Inclusivity" because it is our theme this year. Or we could chose a more specific topic such as "hard conversations" Technology in the new generation"