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Every parent has something to teach or share, in working together with teachers on developing programs you build relations and trust.

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As a parent we trust our children to have a safe, engaging and cheerful day at school when we rush through traffic to drop them off before heading to that meeting downtown. We feel secure that our children are taken good care of, that they stretch their learning and enjoying every part of it. During the day you can fully commit to your work. But what do we really need to stay connected to our children’s learning and school experience to ensure their safety and environment to learn? Our teachers. What do teachers need to develop children to their full potential? Parents and caretakers. What is it that they build their relationship upon? Not technology to keep updates. Not visionary end goals and stunning results. We need eachother, we need to work together. And what are the basics of working together? Really understand eachother by really working together on a (part of a) program. From the getgo. 

For this idea we want to codesign a module (for a day) based on the parents talent, the childs development and the teachers needs. We need the expertise and experience of the teacher in what works, we need the experience and passion of the parent to develop a learning experience for a day. By codesigning we build trust and engagement and a support system for - as we now experience in the Netherlands a scarsity on teacher staff as a result of the flu epidemic. In the end we will have parents empowered with programs for a day (in being teacher for one day), we have schools with a plan and a network to ensure every child the right to school even when half of staff is sick (or in need for a training) and most of all we ensured that raising a child is no longer the duty of a school but the community and by doing so, we really build relationships and trust. 

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The emergency call from several schools in flu season warning for extra days off


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Photo of Iris Goedhart

We had our first run last week. The schools and the teachers-for-a-day are energized by the results and mostly in working together. They even had some practical feedback. We face two challenges for the upcpming weeks. 1. How do we design and develop a platform that engages en inspires face-to-face collaboration 2. How do we scale this concept from a select group of frontrunners to more teachers-for-a-day and other schools? Keeping it close enough to have the ‘this is my community’ feel. We’ll be posting our findings later on. If you have any questions or critical feedback we can take with us in developing the next steps, that would also be great!

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