Communities for the 6 kinds

A new education model that helps an absolute beginner in computer science grow and become an expert in 6 steps.

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This model will help individuals realize where they stand and how to grow up over time. It will also design communities to be inclusive and more accommodating to help everyone grow together. 

The 6 stages are as follows.

Type F-> Afraid to start, the transition happens when they are ready to start

Type E-> Introduction to various fields + student chooses track

Type D-> Consistently learn for a few months with mentor support

Type C-> Confident in 1 field, now can explore other fields and see which fits well

Type B-> Specialize in 1 field really deep and complete the T structure

Type A-> Take up leadership roles by believing in yourself.

Participants should feel valued and be able to overcome procrastination, impostor syndrome, and fear of failure.

This is currently an open-sourced project.

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Thanks for the submission. How do you see this building connections between families and schools? How might schools use this process?

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I apologize for the delay. Schools can use this model to help their students pursue their interest and keep a leaderboard to help them ascend up the chart. This will help maintain competition among similar team members rather than with those out of their league. Also, families will be able to understand where their child stands in the path of mastery and so can provide the necessary support for the student.