Co-work space/coffee shop for Parents, Teachers, and Students

Carve out a space on campus where students, teachers, and parents can all come to work and interact. Coffee and Tea can be offered/sold

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M-F 12:00-6:00PM parents, students and teachers can share a workspace. Small meetings can take place as well as impromptu conversations. In sharing this physical space with a shared purpose of "doing work" on this campus, participants will feel more connected. Furniture must be moveable, space must be flexible, and light must pour in. The furnishings and décor should reflect the mood that the school wishes to set. Personally, I think a "makerspace/coffee shop" theme would be spot on: playful, colorful, and comfortable.

Expected behaviors should be co created with the community of users.

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

When parents, students, and teachers come together on a more frequent basis, they learn more about each other than they realize. It has been said, "Once you have heard someone's story, it is hard not to love them." I suggest here that once you have shared in the experience of someone's story, it is hard not to understand them.


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I love this idea, as it opens school up. In a safe way as Jeremy McDonald mentioned. I think this can be easily done by having people sign up and get checked.
Schools are still far too closed still - I look forward to hearing more about this and seeing it develop. I can imagine parents/carers and students working, collaborating (when appropriate) and creating innovated material right there.

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