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In order for families and teachers to connect and to be positive and trustworthy, there needs to be a more open relationship established.

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     In order for society to continue to establish trust and relationships especially pertaining to parents and their children's teachers, there needs to be a more open based curriculum and grading system. What this means is that teachers need to focus on telling the parents what their children are learning in school. Parents usually don't know what's happening in their kid's school lives because they tend to not want to talk about school when they're not in school. The children spent the whole day there, so why would they want to come home and talk all about what they did that day? I believe that that is why teachers should send out a quick glimpse of what they did that week so if parents wanted to know about what their kids are learning, they can. I also believe that society is really focused on grades. Society has this perception that if you do not have good grades, you won't get into college or be successful. Parents also play a huge role in this perception as well. They believe that their kids deserve the best grades and all the affection in the world. They tend to get quite upset if they see that their child is not doing well. They also are frustrated when they're not told why their child is getting the grade that they're getting. I believe that if teachers were to tell parents as to how the child is getting graded on the paper, parents would understand what the child needs to do to get a good grade. Today, parents are extremely involved in their children's lives and I believe that if teachers were to be more open as to what they're doing and why they're doing it, society would be a lot more focused on other activities rather than schooling and teachers and parents relationships. 

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Hi Caroline,
My Name is Nicole and I am one of the Teachers Guild Ambassadors. Thank you so much for sharing insight and perspective on supporting parents with vital information about their child's journey. You are right this is key. As you are thinking about the ways that this can take place either within your classroom, school or as a parent, have you identified a few practices that might help bring this vision to life. Let me know if you have any questions. You can find me here, or my twitter handle is @ENicoleCumm