Back to School Night Reimagined

Changing the dynamics of Back to School Night to increase parents' understanding of the classroom dynamic and build more trust in teachers.

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The biggest reason why parents don't trust their children's teachers is that they have a lack of understanding of what actually goes on in the classroom. In this new form of back to school night, parents will be able to select two of their children's courses that they either are curious about or hold concerns about. Similar to a course tester when applying to college, parents will be able to attend two sample courses for one hour each to immerse themselves in their child's educational setting. The teachers will engage the group of parents with a similar engaging class plan that they teach to their students, which will inform the parents what their teaching philosophy is. Through this full-length, immersive class, parents will be able to gain an understanding of the classroom dynamic that will either build trust in the teacher or give them the opportunity to raise any concerns. Parents want to feel heard and know what is happening in their child's education. 

Between the two courses on Back to School Night, parents will be able to interact with the school's teachers at a potluck, round-table meal. Parents will have the opportunity to share a meal and talk with their children's teachers in a more personal way that will build even more trust. Parents want to know that teachers are not only capable professionals, but are good people. 

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Camille -- Thanks for sharing this idea. I like the idea of reformatting back to school nights but I worry that parents might get bored? or that the night would last too long. Perhaps something like TED talks would make the evening more efficient or perhaps parents could access videos of teachers? Trying to empathize with all parties involved with the goal of fun and understanding is a good core point.