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The Treasure Box sparks learning in students by giving them an adventure in their every day learning and getting them up on their feet.

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Teachers, are you tired of your students not participating and engaging in class? If so, The Treasure Box is the right tool for you. The box involves kids in every day learning, gets them in motion, and gets them excited for class.You use your every day teaching in a different way by giving students a problem, having them solve, and go search for the answer. The problem in teaching now, is kids are not interested with sitting still, worksheets and lecturing. The Treasure Box is getting kids active, excited to learn and helping them grow as a student.

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

This idea helps to spark student curiosity by getting the students to get up and search for their solution. It makes their every day learning different and interactive. Each child has a box and key to make it their own.

What grade level is this idea most appropriate for?

  • Elementary (1-5)

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Awesome idea. Thanks for contributing to this sprint! Wondering .. have you tried this out in your class?


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Thank you for the feedback. My partner and I are students at Riverpoint Academy and we are testing this out on younger students. We will keep you posted on how this goes!

Thanks again,
Abby and Summer

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Yes, I definitely want to hear more about the nature of the puzzles that students would find. Keep us posted please!