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Our box is showing middle schoolers how technology works with basic circuitry.

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Are you having a hard time trying to figure out how technology works? With the advancement of technology in this day in age, it becomes challenging to learn the new systems.

Our item includes: 2 LED lights, 1 servo, 1 power connecter, 1 Duracell 9v battery, 1 fork, 3 w1 speaker. wires, 1 double end, 1 oscillator, 1 keyboard, 1 speaker, and 1 box. All items, except the box, are littleBits.

We are planning to add more littleBits pieces in the box for different little projects, but we will include a set of cards that will give the students challenges to complete. On the last card, we will have it be a 'Do what you want' card so that they can create anything with many different outcomes.

A couple of examples:

Card 1) Find a way to increase the pitch of the speaker

Card 2) Find a way to only use one light

Card 3) Find a way to dim the lights

Card 4) Find a way to move the servo manually

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

We can provide a small box, contained with the much needed technology in order to teach students how technology works.

What grade level is this idea most appropriate for?

  • Middle School (5-8)

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I like the idea of having components in a box with a set of challenges. And by changing up what is found in the box students will never know exactly what to expect.

Photo of Brett Brownell

Agreed. This is awesome Justin! Makes me wonder how other teachers from The Guild might be able to help build the list of questions and challenges included in the Techno Boxes.