Survivor Student Edition

Take a group of students into the wilderness for a week where they need to rely on each other to "survive".

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There is so much students can learn from being immersed in the wilderness. Taking students into the woods with limited supplies forces students to become resourceful.  This resourcefulness will lead to creativity.  Imagine having to start a fire with no lighter or build a shelter with no tools.  Students would need to rely on one and other, use ingenuity and resilience to "survive" a week in the woods.  

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Once students have had this experience, they will begin to look at their everyday life with more imagination, rethinking how they can approach a simple task and potentially redesigning an experience.

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  • High School (9-12)

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I love that creates a genuine learning opportunity. I also immediately thought of a literature teacher incorporating Lord of the Flies.

I wonder how involved adults would need to be in this process. Do they watch from a distance & only react during danger? Do they front load the entire experience so they know what students will encounter?

I wish that this could be incorporate into our yearly school retreats

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