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Students will help build and lead PBL Units in order to achieve increased engagement.

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As a means of garnering increased student interest, the idea is to have students explore their own personal interests in order to build the units of study.  Students will poll themselves and to gain data on the common interests in the classroom.  With this data, students will create PBL units for exploration.  Through guided practice, students will design experiences for the classroom, activities and projects to share their knowledge and learning.  There will be areas for student led discussions, research and collaborations in order to complete the unit. Peer feedback will provide opportunities of reflection and growth.

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

Instead of hand delivering a unit, that is created in isolation, students will have the opportunity to follow their own passions and interests. The hope is that engagement will increase due to the fact that they are the owners of the unit and will own the learning within the unit created. Self reflection will be easily practiced because of constant self monitoring of "How are things going? How are we doing? How might we change? How might we help?"

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Jake I love that this idea allows students to be the author of their learning. It could also lead to conversations around grading or better feedback conversations.
I wonder how you would encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves.
I wish they (we) could create these experiences that all students from various divisions/grade levels to work together.