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Instead of giving students a book of information on a topic, why not give them a book of questions about a topic.

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A seven-year old boy named Thomas was asked what he thought would help spark curiosity, and he suggested the idea of a book with questions about a particular topic. He said the questions should range from questions kids could easily answer, to ones that would require investigation. By posing a book of questions about a topic, this may be a way to help students become more adept themselves at asking questions. 

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

The question book would bring up ideas and wonders that may not have otherwise been thought of by the individual. By having a book of questions, the students' thoughts could go deeper and hopefully spark an interest that they are motivated to learn more about.

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This is a great idea, and such a simple concept. I love that the idea stemmed from a asking a student. Did you pose our question to the student? Or did you hear about their answer previously? Either way, we're excited to see you adding ideas again!

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The question posed was, "How do you think teachers could spark your curiosity that would make learning more fun?" The student was very quick to answer with the idea of a question book.

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So cool! I'd love to see this come to life.

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