Promoting Danger...Safely!

Through student, parent, and teacher sessions, use 50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do) as HW for a month! (or just a week)

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At TEDxAtlanta years ago, I met Gever Tulley. Gever started the Tinkering School and Brightworks School in San Francisco. He also wrote a book entitled, 50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do). My sons and I have worked our way through the book a few times. Yet I've never used the book as a resource for my work in schools. (Shame on me!)

What if we used the book to create something of a "club" that people could opt into?! We could announce the idea to students and parents and teachers, and we could all gather to get our book copies, watch a TED talk from Gever, and begin taking the challenge of doing some (or all!) of the 50 things as HOMEWORK! Maybe for a month (or just a week even).

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

The 50 ideas provide spurs for exploring something - like putting a 9volt battery on one's tongue. And the book serves as a journal where danger doers can record what happened and what curiosities the "lab" or experiment generated for them.

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Love this Bo! Love the idea of a club. I would sign up!

I have a friend that is part of the adventure playground group
He also shared just now with us the Ted talk from Gever Tulley that you actually met! How awesome! you probably saw it already.

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