Potential & Kinetic Energy in a Box

Our contribution is a beautiful box with an assortment of supplies, learning diagrams, and challenge cards to spark student curiosity.

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Potential & Kinetic Energy in a Box is a learning kit that teachers can give their students as  a lab. It explains kinetic energy, potential energy, and circuitry. Inside is an assortment of supplies, instructions, hints, and challenges for students to create and learn freely.

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

This idea helps spark student curiosity because it leaves so much room for creativity in their work and discovery. Its also very fun and entertaining because of the challenge and moving parts.

What grade level is this idea most appropriate for?

  • Middle School (5-8)

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I like this idea of potential energy in a box. Wondering how might students DIY their own kits. Potential Creativity kits. Potential Energy kits. Potential Growth kits.

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Dan, thank you for the comments. Our teachers are John and Regan with TrepStudio and they gave us the project "How might we spark student curiosity." So, actually we are students DIY'ing our own learning kit for students. To answer your question, we designed and developed this kit for middle school students. As you were suggesting, the possibilities are endless about potential gravity and other kit ideas.

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