Optics in a box

Teaching students about optics by creating a modified cardboard VR.

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After explaining to students the science behind optics, optical illusions and VR's they will be given a cardboard box, scissors and duck tape. They will be asked based on what they just learned to construct their own VR (using their phone as a screen for the VR). How might we enhance optical illusions through a modified VR? 

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

Students spend most of their free time in front of some screen weather it be a computer, TV or their phones. With the introduction of this new technology we hope to spark a underlining curiosity we all have about the way we view the screens in our lives; how they function, why it works and how we receive the information constantly streaming from the screens through our eyes.

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  • Middle School (5-8)

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Rianne, this is awesome! Viewing Google Cardboard and Expeditions are pretty exciting, so it's great to see that you're encouraging student curiosity not just by using the technology but understanding it too.