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Provide students with a space to create, explore, and make.

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By creating spaces in our schools dedicated to making, students can explore new ideas, pursue passions, prototype, take risks and learn from failure.  These experiences lead to new ideas and creative thinking.  Fill the space with all sorts of items with which to build; foam blocks, paper tubes, legos, art supplies, robotics, etc.  This can be more structured, where the teacher gives the students a challenge for which they need to design. It can also be more open ended where students can identify a passion and use the space to further their understanding.  

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Giving students voice in the learning leads to creativity and curiosity.

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  • Elementary (1-5)

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This is such a tiny idea that you probably have in the wings, but I finally labeled all the bins and wow what a difference in not only supply management but also two forms of input for what materials are in play.

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YES!!!! We are still working on getting the space up to speed. Believe it or not, this is a temporary structure that was only completed days before the start of the school year! We are trying our best to get it filled with materials. We will definitely keep labeling in mind! Thank you for the suggestion. Any other little insights on how to make the space successful would be greatly appreciated!