L.A.B. (Leer Averiguar Buscar): Project-based learning in Spanish

Each week, students in an advanced Spanish class were presented with an authentic resource and related group challenge in-language.

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This weekly project allowed students to connect to cultural practices, traditions, readings and expressions in Spanish from different regions of Latin America.  The project was designed to encourage students to anticipate  "lab-style" exploration and creative thinking.  Students were asked to read and analyze a resource (article, photo essay, legend) and sometimes conduct research about and respond to that piece.  For example, students would learn about Day of the Dead altars and parades in the U.S. and Mexico, and then be given a description of a realistic scenario related to this celebration.  They would be asked to respond to the situation, and/or solve a problem (eg. helping a disabled person participate in festivities), and share their ideas with the class. 

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Students research the best ways to express their ideas and have the opportunity to explore elements of living cultures of Latin America, while brainstorming solutions to realistic problems.

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  • High School (9-12)

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