Interactive Educational Pinball Machine

Our product allows students to enjoy themselves while being quizzed on many topics in their very own classroom.

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The Pinball Educational Machine is designed to spark curiosity among students in their own classroom. By using technology to understand learning targets, and have fun at the same time. Teachers also have the option of uploading there lessons onto the machine. All of the questions will be multiple choice and preprogramed in the system. 

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

Our goal is to help students become more active in their working environment. Tricking the students into playing an enjoyable game, while answering questions on their lessons. We also are creating functioning drawers that break the machine down, so that teachers have the accessibility to input their new lessons or replace any electronics that go bad.

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pinball machine edu.skp

Starting to design the machine using Sketch-up. Adding joints so everything fits flush. Next step is to cut out on CNC router

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Hi Hayden, this sounds like an interesting concept. Do you have any photos you can share of the prototype? Also, the skp file isn't opening for me. What application would you suggest using? Looking forward to learning more.