Inspiration Wall

Have an area on the wall where students can post their ideas or questions at any time with sticky notes or dry erase pens.

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Throughout the day, students could post their ideas or questions to the inspiration/curiosity wall. At various points during the day, organized visits (by table, small group) could visit the wall to add to the inspiration or answer questions that exist.

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Students can record their questions in real time and would be able to experience the design thinking process in having them answered.

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Hi! We are doing this in my school - but instead of IdeaPaint (which we have used, and didn't really like) we are using another brand (Sherwin Williams Dry Erase Coating) and it is great (and much less expensive.) We also have replaced bulletin boards in our school with showerboard inserts from Home Depot, making them giant whiteboards in one fell swoop! Kids love 'em!

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