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I crossed paths with a former student of mine that was coming out of a piano lesson.  As we walked, he began telling me about the notebook in his hand and the 10 years of notes from piano lessons that filled it. 

As he flipped through he stopped and pointed to this post-it, explaining that in trying to learn a difficult section of a song, he kept track of every attempt on a little piece of paper.  After 113 attempts, he nailed it. 

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

"Start keeping numeric records to quantify student learning" is another title for this post and sounds like a wet blanket on the curios fire we hope to spark. However, for this student, having a tactile history of his work and being able to see his progress was exactly the spark he needed. Students constantly regress to a naturally curious mean. The challenge of the educator is to identify and recognize those spark, and to kindle them into directed fires.

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I love that your Student story expresses the idea of grit & sticking to it till you nail it.
I wonder how do will teach (allow) what you are sharing to other students.
I wish students were given the space and time develop systems that work for them.