Create mystery or a cliffhanger...

Create mystery or a cliffhanger to hook students' natural curiosity!

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I think this can be used across grade levels and it works REALLY well with younger kids. You (or students) can create teasers around lessons, experiements, concepts, etc.  You have enough discussion or introduction to spark students curiosity. Students will be itching to know what's next, but you build the excitement by not disclosing too much.  If you build this up, especially with little guys, they will be into it!  I once asked my students, "Do you know what might have really happened to Henry Hudson?  It's kinda creepy and ties in with CSI."  The majority of students started digging and trying to figure it out when they got home.  Couldn't wait to hear more.

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

It creates an excitement and curiosity around wanting to know more. The teacher doesn't give information. They get a tease that sparks their intrinsic motivation and curiosity to want to know more!!

What grade level is this idea most appropriate for?

  • Elementary (1-5)

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Hi Ellen,
I'm just seeing this post and it is funny because it completely ties in with my Urban Hiking Mystery Adventure. Cliffhanger certainly work with older students as well. It is interesting how there is a narrative to most courses -- and just like in narrative drama -- cliffhangers and ticking clocks are super compelling and raise curiosity.
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