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Survive the worst thing that can happen to you given what you've learned from your schooling.

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Students brainstorm a list of the worst things that could happen to them now or in the future. Challenge them to come up with a ways to survive/thrive in that situation given what they've learned from school.

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Everyone has a dream for what they want from life. This is their Plan A. It's prudent to prepare for bumps along the way: Plan B. Adversity, like necessity, can birth innovation and creativity. This is an exercise in design thinking where a student empathizes with their unfortunate self to frame a problem and, hopefully, solve it. After all the high stakes testing this provides students with a way to prototype how their education has prepared them.

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Hey Urbie -- do you mind if I use your dino image in our workshop tomorrow at Nueva? I love it! And, I want to show case the zany creativity in the Guild. And no pressure...if it's a no go, no worries. AND..I can't wait to meet you in real life.

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Sure! Use away!

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