Prototype Like You Stole It!

If you produced your own presidential debate, what might it look like?

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The US presidential debates are in full swing. There have been two GOP and one Democratic debates. What if you could produce your own presidential (or some other kind) of debate? What would you ask? What would make for an awesome response? Write a script, design some characters, and go for it.

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

It puts the student in control. They cease being an onlooker and become active participants. Though the idea suggests using the Plotagon app it could as easily be done on paper, role-play, or by students making video clips. The point is students design their own debate experience, produce it, and then take it out for a spin to get conversations going. *Note: This idea is a result of a Twitter conversation I had with Dr. Ashley A. Hinck (@hincklet).

What grade level is this idea most appropriate for?

  • High School (9-12)


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