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Every single day, create one thing

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Every day, students are encouraged to create something.. Anything... From writing a poem, to painting a picture, to even designing a game or app.

Students must be challenged to create something once a day and to keep doing so.

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

From creativity stems curiosity. As students make and create more and more, their creativity will take them to more exciting, more complex creations. This will spark their curiosity. How will they create bigger and better things? What happens if they create xyz? How do they create a game, or an app? What inspired the artist or composer that in turn inspired them? From their create-a-day journey, students minds will open to wondering and curiosity.

What grade level is this idea most appropriate for?

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Yes! This is a very common artists' tool. If you make the commitment to making every day, you gradually become more and more open to the world around you. And you 'flex' your creativity muscle and literally see opportunities everywhere! It's called the artists' way....