Student-Led Unconference

Students prepare and lead workshops about things they are passionate about for others students of any age to join and learn from.

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Unconferences are teacher-led events where anyone can sign up lead to lead a workshop to teach other teachers something they are passionate about. This creates a great setting for discussion, exchanging or ideas and innovation among teachers. 

Students can be given the same chance to teach others about a topic they are passionate about and have students from all ages (1-12) join in. 

At the end of a workshop participants can create an action plan to work together towards solving a problem in that area or towards working together to create something. 


1. Pick a day/half day for a student-led unconference.

2. Help student-leaders prepare for leading workshops about topics that they are passionate about. These workshop can be focused on things they would like to present that they have worked on before. They could also pose a problem they would like to tackle with other students so that collaboratively they can try to work on it during the workshop and afterwards. Ex. "I would like to make an app for X." Anyone that joined that unconference would then become part of a team that can try to build it. 

3. Let other students sign up for workshops about things they are curious to learn more about.

4. Create action plans within each workshop for how to collaborate, problem-solve and create. 

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Student workshops will expose students to thinking from all ages as well as to subjects that they might have never heard of before.

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