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A high school boy designed his own learning experience and his high school listened - now the idea is catching on with other schools.

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Click on the link to read an article about a boy who designed his own school experience that resulted in The Independent Project.  http:// During the project students still learn math, science, social studies, and english but they choose the topics that interest them. The students come up with one question per week to answer, research, and present. The project has several other parameters in place including meeting with an advisor regularly, but the students are in charge of their learning and they are allowed to pursue their interests. 

How does this idea help to spark student curiosity?

Students have the opportunity to learn about areas within the core topics that interest them, so each week they are in charge of being curious enough to ask a questions and seek the answer. This engagement and requirement to pose their own question is a weekly exercise in curiosity.

What grade level is this idea most appropriate for?

  • High School (9-12)

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Allowing students the freedom to explore their interests is essential to helping them grow and become who they want to be, and it allows them to open doors to making a meaningful difference in the world.