Growthfiti is the only visual thinking platform that captures ideas and questions visually for every learner in the era of collaboration.

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Growthfiti is a platform to capture student doodling over time and over multiple disciplines. Throughout each day, students will use a combination of text and doodling to ask questions, capture ideas, and reflect on learning. These doodles can be captured electronically or with pen and paper, photographed, and then uploaded.  Students will store their Growthfiti on the Growthfiti platform to either keep privately (think private pinterest) or to share with their classmates, or share globally. This platform will act as a time capsule to collect student's thinking and learning over time. The public Growthfiti walls can be used amongst peers to spark discussion, curiosity, and questioning. This idea was generated as a mashup between "Cross-Sector Doodling" and "The Inspiration Wall." We like that this hybrid of ideas allows students to make connections through all subjects and lessons, and that Growthfiti can help to meet students where they're at (differentiate) and act as a processing and reflection mechanism (metacognitive exercise). This is a communal space which will then allow for collaboration and discussion.

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Doodling (and drawing) has been proven through research to help the brain process more quickly than writing. Students will have an open space (both private and public) to capture ideas in a limitless way. Students will be able to see their own progression of thinking as well as the progression of others. This will help to spark curiosity within oneself as well as with others. The hope is that Growthfiti allows students to make discoveries and see connections that they may have otherwise missed!

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So great to see Growthfiti's concept developed. I am going to put it into action in the IDEAS Center. Stay tuned for some images!

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