Jump On The PD Party Bus!

A tricked-out, mobile professional learning space with all the right tools for killer collaborations.

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This concept builds on a few ideas already proposed by others regarding great spaces for professional learning, getting outside or off-site, and creating "pop-up" experiences.  

Many schools don't have great places for professional learning to take place.  Identifying, gaining approval, designing and building a space like this at your school could take a REALLY long time.

What if we designed and built a mobile professional learning space filled with all the right tools to support dynamic collaborations?  This might be a converted school bus, a mobile home, or a hacked storage container on top of a flatbed trailer.  

We could partner with organizations with the skills and resources to design, procure materials and build a space like this.  A team representing a wide variety of perspectives and areas of expertise could participate in a design thinking challenge to develop the "bus".

The mobile element of this space would allow it to travel to the places that need it most for specific sessions or an extended stay, depending on the need.  This would allow teachers to experience the impact dynamic space can have on professional learning experiences.  If this experience is good enough, teachers might be able to make the case to school leadership that a similar permanent space on campus would be worth the investment.

Oh, and this would definitely be a PARTY bus.  We'd look for ways to make sessions on the "bus" a really fun experience. The space itself would inspire, but it could also take teachers to cool places for their professional learning sessions.  Maybe it would have a killer sound system.  Maybe it would have a deck on top for open-air sessions.  Maybe it could be like a "duck boat" that also had the ability to float?  

Interested to hear ideas that build upon this and receive feedback.  This could be really fun!

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@Trevor Croghan Great idea. Here's what I can think of: 
1- Space would come to the school, already aware of the objectives of each teacher and have the plan and setup ready. 
2- School could be supported by an online system, to help manage profiles of teachers, updates .. etc.
3- The bus could be used as a sharing platform of practices and tools across school, where a school would send a gift to the next school .. etc.
4- The bus could be equipped with temporary access to some online skill-development platforms which teachers can access as long as the Party bus is at the school.

I hope that helps .. 

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Great ideas!

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Check out what this school in Ohio did with changing learning spaces- the "Launch Lab" they call it.

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I like the idea of a bus because teachers need to be off campus to immerse themselves in PD.  I'll add an additional wrinkle.  The bus should go to a mock classroom environment where teachers can practice their new techniques and receive peer feedback.  

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I'm always in favor of ideas that combine fun and great learning experiences! The PD Party Bus really embraces the idea that a unique and inspiring space can help to create a more powerful learning experience. I would love to participate in the design challenge!

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I like the idea. I have seen modified buses from marketing to Space Shuttles and traveling science and libraries. A traveling Prof Dev bus could serve a regional area. Definitely something fun to think about.

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I like this. It give a whole new meaning to Mobil Learning.
I also like your idea about extending the learning experience by traveling somewhere. This would connect nicely to the need for follow up to professional development.