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JOT (Just One Thing) model as way to quickly inspire and infuse information to teachers at their site.

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As a technology specialist, it can be challenging to find time to meet or see teachers for more formal trainings and PD, as other content takes priority. The JOT model would be a way to quickly communicate information at a school site during a certain time (before/after school, etc). It can be voluntary for teachers who are interested or in need of understanding more about the chosen topic. This helps eliminate negativity of "having" to go to a session when it may not be of interest or applicable to everyone.

The PD would focus on Just One Thing (JOT) on site. It short and to the point, no more than 20 minutes. This would entail a clear outcome and would be procedural in nature. This is a way to clarify the use of existing devices, used in a district, use of online program or to simply introduce and expose interested teachers to potentially useful tools, with the goal of generating conversation throughout the site and district. This model can be used in any  content area where the topic can fit within the parameters. It can also allow for more flexibility and a higher number of PD sessions.

This model can also be expanded into a larger framework with the creation of a district PD calendar that uses JOT to address a year-long theme chosen by a district.  By doing this, the JOT model can be instilled in a variety of ways throughout the year to support the overarching theme.

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I find this post from George Couros timely with regard to innovative leadership, alignment of calendars and creating space while still addressing the constraints that districts have to deal with.
"One of the things that I think needs to be added to your list is some kind of statement that recognizes that creating new and better while trapped within traditional systems sometimes requires creating space or providing freedom/protection from the demands of the system — which aren’t always supportive of innovation."

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