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Ever go to a workshop or conference, have an incredible experience and plan on sharing everything with anyone who will listen when you return to your campus? Why should it only be your campus? Shouldn't your district have a better system to scale that learning? School districts need a system to help teachers share their experiences at conferences and learn from each other. Vicarious Professional Development allows teachers to celebrate their learning and make connections district-wide.


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Hi Ryan,

This is an awesome post! In fact, I think it should find its way over to the Ideate phase as it is an idea that you have already put together and are actively using. What we could work on together is iterating on the idea. Whats next? How do we improve? Create greater buy-in or reach a larger audience? Are there things about the current model that we love? And the flip-side, things we wish were different.

I wonder if you could have a few key people within the district take this model through the's protocol "I like, I wish, What if/I wonder..." Here is a link:

We could get some authentic feedback from the users. Then use this feedback to create a new idea. One that could be posted to the guild which we build out collaboratively as a community.

What do you think? Want to work on this idea for the ideate phase?

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Definitely and I have a group to work through the process. Looking forward to talking more soon