Using an EdCamp Model for Professional Development

Make PD more authentic and engaging by using the EdCamp model for workshops, faculty meetings, PLCs, and more!

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One of the biggest complaints teachers often have about professional development is the lack of autonomy in the sessions, work, and time.  EdCamps are exploding as viable and effective methods of providing real and engaging professional development opportunities for teachers... so why not take that model right into the school?  

We have started implementing this idea in AOS #94 in Dexter, Maine.  Check out our first workshop day as an EdCamp:  

Feedback from the teachers: the best PD day in recent history; great opportunities to have deep conversations about what was important to them; allowed for opportunities for cross-content integration, and more.

We will be expanding this model as the year unfolds.  Give it a shot; check it out.


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I really like the edcamp model, Matthew. It acknowledges that most often the expertise is in the room, and it gives teachers an opportunity to set the agenda for what they need versus a top-down approach which may or may not be in touch with their needs.

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