UnProfessional Development

What if professional development just meant exploring the things you and your students love?

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The news has been full lately with stories of teachers falling out of love with teaching. Feeling unsupported, disrespected, or actively hampered in their attempts to grow. (Read the stories of Wendy Bradshaw, or Ann Marie Corgill)

What if we could give teachers the opportunity to determine their own path to professional fulfillment. A path that is shaped by their own, or their students distinct and unique needs. What if professional development just meant exploring the things that they loved? 

I borrowed the title UnProfessional Development from Emily Pilloton at Project H. Design. She is guided by the belief that professional development can be inspired by who you are in your classroom.  That's all  - it's not about becoming someone else, not about meeting some new arbitrary standard. It's just you....only better...and more fulfilled.


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Great Idea! I've been to unConferences where sessions were design spontaneously (either by people wanting to share or those looking for information). I've never thought of taking it to the next level with students. We could model learning for them -or- actually learn with them (if the interests happen to align).

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