Let us walk in our students' shoes.

Half the educators become students for a pretend school day, and half teach. Then we switch places. Let the connections bloom.

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This sounds pretty interesting. My school often has teachers visit classrooms as observers, but never in the student role. I wonder if this could even be don't on a smaller scale with one or two teachers joining in on a regular class as just some other students.

Photo of Jay Nickerson

I think the strength of this idea comes into play when we consider how we, as teachers, often act as "students" in PD. A lot of the behaviors we don't want from our students...

I always come out of that with empathy for my students' day, and try hard to hold on to that feeling as long as I can in the regular school day.

Photo of Brett Brownell

Hi Julie, this is an interesting idea to keep in mind for when we move into the Ideate phase. You could experiment with it and try it out with a few teachers at your school.

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I would like this for the cool Ambigram alone!!! That said, Love the idea - a little empathy can go a long way! What if we involved students in this as well? What do you think might happen if half the teachers became students and half the students became teachers - and then switched?

Photo of Julie Abrams Faude

I think it sounds like a lot of fun! But because children are such quick learners, I think we would need to keep the time shorter in these alternate universe roles.