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Professional learning should be like having an unlimited ticket for traveling anywhere in the world on any form of transportation.

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Imagine yourself with this amazing ticket that allows you to travel all over the world for as long as you want. You pick a destination based on your interests, prepare your documents, do some up front reading and research, and off you go. When you arrive, you immerse yourself in experiences that help you to grow and learn. You have a "need to know" and learn new languages, explore new locations, and get inspired by new colors, sounds,  tastes and smells. You learn from everyone you meet and find great friends along the way. When you want to move on, you can. You have multiple choices for transportation and take advantage of all of them. 

Try this out right now! Go to Google Maps or Google Earth and start exploring. How did you decide where to go? What did you discover that caused you to explore a connected idea? 


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And for those of us who can't get away, try these Google Maps games to experience far away places:

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Love it!

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