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Gather problems in your school and have your staff come up with solutions in an open-environment.

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Teachers complain that PD is never what they want, send out a google form asking for problems that need solving in your school.  All teachers have one week to answer to a Google Doc or something similar.  At the end of the week or during your professional development time, you gather your responses into 4 different categories that are most similar.  Teachers then choose where they want to go, selecting the one they feel most passionate about.  

Teachers then discuss the problem and come up with a variety of solutions to each problem, (You can also invite Student Council in to help guide discussion.)  Teachers complete these forms answering questions and you have found multiple solutions to different problems in the building.  

Next week you can conquer different problems or old problems in to get a new mix of solutions.


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Including student council is a great idea. Students really need more voice.

Have you had any experiences with inclining student in PD?

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We use student surveys, but nothing to the extent of them showing us professional development. We have some students that are on our technology team, but including them would be a big benefit.