The Perfect Learning Menu - Learning2 as a Model

Who says we can't have it all in professional learning?

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For the past two years, I have attended the international Learning2 conference. Last year, I was a presenter at L2Africa and this year, L2Asia. Both conferences provided a wonderful range of diverse learning opportunities that met educators where they were at and also provided lots of time for *socializing/processing*. 

Check out this post I wrote last year about the varied options at a Learning2 conference (think 3 hour deep-dives, hands-on workshops, cohort discussions, etc).

This year, the L2 team continued to improve on the model by adding more student leadership. Students from different schools ran the hands-on workshops and also give powerful L2 Talks about important issues to them in education. Additionally, there was a new "disrupt strand" that allowed educators who really wanted to push themselves and think outside of the box the time, space, and support to design ideas and projects for their classrooms and schools. 

I wonder if we can use this model as inspiration for more professional learning experiences across the globe? Why can't we expect to attend a PD experience and have choice and variety, not just of the content, but of the ways we are able learn and process what we're learning during the experience itself?

I would love to see more L2 learning experiences for teachers (and students)!  


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