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How might we use (the school we wish we had) as inspiration for teaching learning?

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"The School We Wish We Had. DIY is the best place to level up skills, meet friends who truly love what they love, and just be awesome."

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Stinkin Badges


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I love the idea of a badge system for some skills. It reminds me of Boy Scouts, where the requirements were readily available and helped me determine my interests and requirements to earn a badge.

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Hey Jessica, I love this provocation. is also brilliant at building communities of kids who are making and doing together (albeit in different geographies). The platform allows them to learn from each other, bounce ideas off each other and elicit great feedback. How might we use's inspiring platform to rethink how teachers can come together around learning new skills? What kinds of online communities could we build to really engage and inspire teachers to learn together?

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Those are such interesting questions, aren't they? I love the feeling of people being inspired and wanting to learn for learning's sake--not necessarily because they are being told to. It's a great way to tie passions and interesting into a learning model.