The Mirage Report from The New Teacher Project

“As much as we wish we knew how to help all teachers improve, we do not.”

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Lots in this report but the biggest insight from teachers is that "SCHOOL SYSTEMS ARE NOT HELPING TEACHERSUNDERSTAND HOW TO IMPROVE—OR EVENTHAT THEY HAVE ROOM TO IMPROVE AT ALL" This makes me think we might be at a moment of redefining what it means to be a teacher today, so that we clearly understand all the opportunities and barriers for career growth in teaching.

Also, here are the report recommendations that might help jump start new ideas:

  • REDEFINE what it means to help teachers improve

  •  REEVALUATE existing professional learning supports and programs

  • REINVENT how we support effective teaching at scale 

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Molly - this report is fascinating. Thanks for sharing it. I am going to dig in and post my thoughts here.

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Justin -- would love to hear your perspective!! Hope all is well!!

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