The Mirage is just that - a mirage.

Top-down PD is not working for teachers, but the Mirage is filled with "hyperbolic statements" that distract us from needed solutions.

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This research study is filled with "hyperbolic statements" and rife with methodological problems. Important insights can be gleaned but teachers should read with a skeptical eye. As Harvard scholar Heather Hill notes in her critique, the report has "compelling information" but makes claims such as more effective teachers should have larger class sizes, or that charter school practitioners are more effective than their district counterparts are not grounded in the evidence they offer. The researchers ignore the many problems with broad claims about teacher effectiveness and PD using value-added data -- especially given the "unreliability and potential inaccuracy of the evaluation data." Professional development is ineffective, because of its one-size fits all formats and limited time for teachers to learn from each other. 

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We have known for decades that most district administration approaches to PD does not work. $18 billion spent annually in US. Research has shown that job embedded, teacher inquiry driven works best for teachers and the kids they serve. Top performing nations have used this approach. We do not have the political will - yet- to create conditions for teachers to lead their own professional learning. Watch for micro credentialing movement with Digital Promise., CTQ, and now many others.

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