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Imagine a station for the radio you can listen to on your way to school!

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With so many resources and great teachers out there with ideas to share,  I have always wanted to find better ways to access the innovative ideas. I have followed blogs, returned to the teachingchannel.org,  teacherspayteachers.com,  and signed up for professional development a few days each year. While I learn a lot,  I find that I have to put in a lot of time my own time in order to find great resources that I hadn't thought of.   I have gotten really good at search terms!  

However,  wouldn't it be great if while I was commuting to school, I could tune in to a news station for teachers? It could be run by teachers,  follow all the great Twitter feeds and blogs, and have guest teachers sharing their ideas and favorite resources, and comedy hours to keep us sane.  

They could also have downloadable podcasts. I'm thinking a local NPR for educators, at the county or state level.  I could tune in on my way to school, or in the background during my prep. Fellow teachers could be listening to the same station, creating a community feel.  It could double as an outlet for students to put together their own stories or interviews, and gain a wider audience. 


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Yes, this is a fantastic idea, Erin! I love its potential to give teachers a voice, while also keeping the medium familiar and simple. For those of us who battle traffic every day, it could be very worthwhile. I'm also interested in considering how we could scale the idea to include entire districts or other schools, with opportunities to interview a variety of educators, students, parents, etc.

Very excited to begin our ideation process today! What might we need to move forward with this idea? How might we get started building out a plan to get the station up and running? More than happy to help prototype the idea out!

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Might be easier to start with a local podcast the showcases pd. It could start with interviewing local teachers to get them to listen. However, it would still be easier to just tune in to a show on my way to work.  Hmm. I don't know where to go next with this one. 

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