Takin' Time To Talk

Sometimes, cracking the code on the things you're trying to figure out is as simple as talking it out with someone.

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The core idea here is not new and original.

How many times have you figured out the thing you've been working on by sounding it out to someone?

How often has the thing you've been working on been improved by feedback you get from a colleague?

How powerful can the insight and input from someone outside of your discipline be?

Likely, all of as educators have had one, or all of the above experiences. Some folks are lucky enough to have an ongoing collaborative relationship like this.

But not all of us do. All of the things going on in a school can make it challenging.

So, what if we made this a regular thing? What if people came together with a collection of the things that they were working on, or trying to figure out and workshopped them? Not only could this strengthen each of these individual projects, but think of the community being built as a result of the process!


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To augment common free time, we installed an internal portal for teachers to share ideas.

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