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I think this is pie in the sky but while sharing with others I was encouraged to send the idea out to the universe.  I would like to see schools re-imagined as a 4 day curriculum and a 5th day of project based, student centered learning.

On top of that, at the high school, if we could have that 5th day lead by students, teachers would not have to create curriculum nor grade papers for that day's work.  They could be present to assist and guide students in their own creations.  ALSO, I would envision that instead of the 150 kids we have to serve, that 5th day would rotate with one class in the morning and one class in the afternoon meaning each teacher had only 60 students each Friday.  It would provide more time to connect to our students.  For students, it would mean only one core class for 2 hours in the morning followed by electives followed by 2 hours of another core.  So for them, it is a day to focus on only 2 core classes without ignoring their elective schedule.  

Example would be that I would see my 1st and 2nd period the first Friday of the month, my 3rd and 4th period the second Friday of the month, and my 5th class on the third Friday of the month.  Teachers could rotate so that every third Friday they could see ONE CLASS all day!  with maybe a break midday for the kids to be in their elective classes.  There would have to be some kind of rotation around the school.

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You've addressed two of the biggest challenges in education - a rigid schedule (seen nowhere else in life) and freeing teachers to do more than teach. I also like leveraging outside resources like internships, museums, and the like.

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