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What if kids point the way?

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At the Sonoma County Office of Education, we live in the "What if...".  I am wondering how teachers' professional learning would change if students were to point the way based on their learning interests and needs.  What if kids point the way?


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I love this! I often say the best professional development I've received came from my own students. By seeking their input and advice, and really listening -- even to the feedback that was hard to receive -- I truly grew as an educator. I would love to see you bring this idea forward by posting in the Ideate phase.

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We underestimate the value of kids as our teachers. Nearly everything I know about teaching was learned through keenly watching my own children find their ways into the world. Let the children lead indeed. They will take us places we'd never have imagined, and we'll be better for it.

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Every time that I've asked students to evaluate my teaching & their learning, they pin point the places of strength & weakness with laser precision. It is, no doubt, our truest North Star.

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Love the photo!