Step out of the familiar.

Sometimes our best learning happens when we experience something new and step out of our familiar routines.

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I've had the good fortune of teaching under the leadership of two different principals who encouraged me to take risks on a regular basis. Their attitude made a tremendous difference in my personal investment in improving my practice. Thanks for reminding us this essential ingredient for growth!

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I totally agree with you, Jennie. I feel that one of the major roadblocks to this happening on a regular basis in the schools is the lack of culture to support this type of thinking. IN education, we often don't empower risk taking and fail to recognize failure as an opportunity to grow.

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@Eric, your last point is 110% correct. Schools often don't create a safe environment for risk takers. In addition, teachers feel like their own mistakes undermine their credibility with students. If teachers don't model trying something new (without having the answer in the back of the book), then how will students grow to appreciate is?

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Jennie, this is such a simple and brilliant concept. If it were familiar - for the most part we would probably already know it.

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Agreed! This is a great way to wake us up to new possibilities. Sadly, much PD is routine and predictable.