Spring Training

Can the wacky - low stress environment of Baseball's Spring training give us a better model for Professional Learning?

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Baseball Spring Training is notoriously laid back and a great example of how players and teams can develop in a fun atmosphere - free from stress of the regular season. This has led to lighthearted, crazy and zany moments - as well as unexpected ways to find success . Players have been know to switch positions (Rick Ankiel 2004), Celebrities have taken the field (Billy Crystal 2008), and even Michael Jordan tried a new career (1994).

What if Teachers had a "Spring Training" regardless of the actual time of year to simply try something crazy - be wacky - fail forward - or enjoy teaching for the sake of teaching  free of the stress and demands of their "Regular Season"?


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In his book, "Making Learning Whole", David Perkins advocates a measure approach to change in the form of a junior version. This is lower risk, lighter weight, and can be used to solicit opinions.

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