Roller Derby Saved My ... Teaching Career.

Being really bad at something I'd never done was what I needed to get better at something I'd pretty much always done.

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I've loved learning and teaching as long as I can remember. Whether in the student role or the teacher role, I've always felt successful in a classroom setting.  

On a roller rink? Not so much.

Skating against powerful, aggressive opponents? No.

While in front of a noisy, screaming crowd? Um, nope.

Wearing just more than my underwear?  Say what?!?!

It turns out though, that by pushing myself to take a risk and be vulnerable enough to try something new and completely out of my comfort range, I learned more than just how to stay on my feet (mostly) when up against the likes of derby girls like "Lacey Thunderwear".

I learned how it felt to be a "newbie", a beginner, a struggling learner. I learned how important strong instructional practices and a safe learning environment are to someone who is trying to learn and improve at something that doesn't come naturally.  

By forcing myself to take on an extreme example of a learning role, I became much more clear about how I could do a far better job when in the teaching role. 

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